PICS: Erica Dixon

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10 comments on “PICS: Erica Dixon
  1. Girl find you a real man and leave that no talking punk azz momma boy alone, why do you want a man that is always calling you his baby momma, as a matter of fact him and his momma seems like they will make a nice couple since she tells him what to do, PUNK AZZ.

  2. girl tuff love that is how how real woman work cause if u show a man tears he think he could do what ever he like and that int right.

  3. Love Scrappy…. and I am wishing Ya’ll a long a prosper life… but as long as Mama Dee keep interfering the relationship is doomed… Although, I Mama Dee is a star… she does need to stay out of the relationship…

  4. I absolutely Love you you remind me of my self you and a dash of K.Michelle LOL :-) anyway please stay real no scripted stuff we want to see real. KEEP REP'N 4 US PEACH'Z YOU DO'N A WONDERFUL JOB*

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