Nicki Minaj Goes In On Kirk Frost For Cheating On Rasheeda

Nicki Minaj - Kirk Frost

Kirk Frost’s behavior towards his wife, Rasheeda has been utterly disgusting on season 2 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” but he took it to new disrespectful heights on episode 11.

Kirk Frost cheats on Rasheeda


On national television, Kirk Frost got a his hot tub freak session on like he didn’t have a pregnant wife at home. He blatantly gave 0 f*cks about his marriage and left viewers of the show in shock…including Nicki Minaj.


Nicki Minaj took to her Twitter account and went in on Kirk Frost and his ratchet @$$ behavior on national television.






Do you agree with what Nicki Minaj said to Kirk Frost?

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48 comments on “Nicki Minaj Goes In On Kirk Frost For Cheating On Rasheeda
  1. I totally agree with nicki what the fuck is going on these days with niggas wanting to throw away 15yrs common grow up …

  2. I Agree with Nicki Minaji Kirk is a total disrespect to his wife and Rasheeda need to drop him like an old pass and I still think he is Gay.

  3. Just foul on so many levels..If you don't want her send her to me….money reality t.v. or not you sold your family out

  4. I agree with Nicki Minaj 100% on every word of what she said that's that Shit I don't like & I've been married 12yrs. & have been through some shit & still going through it but that shit Kirk pulled is some Hoe Ass shit & I would make him feel that shit..& trust me not physically,But I know that shit hurt Rasheeda but she finna get everything that Hoe Own watch what I say.

  5. Nicki is right Kirk is dead wrong for what he did if he didn’t want to be there he should have went to her like a real man instead of taking the punk way out just nasty.

  6. I agree with nicki that was very disrespectful of kirk then you in the hot tub with bambi ugly ass smh

  7. I feel sorry for Rasheeda, she deserves better. I was hoping things worked out between them. When she goes into labor, the low life cheating Kirk better be there. I hope gets hiv test done. Ain’t no telling what nasty disease he he may have now or is gonna get. He keeps saying he is trying to find himself, it’s been 15yrs. He should know better. Cheating on Rasheeda like she has no feelings. Putting all that stress on her & the baby. On live national tv like we donot see his cheating butt.

  8. Nikki went hard on his stupid a$$. What a little boy. Who brags about leaving their kids & pregnant wife@home to go do some ratchet $hit like that. I also feel that Benzino should’ve checked his homeboy, since he claims to want what Kirk & Rasheeda have. It all seems a little suspect to me. A paternity test…. No how about you guys get that alphabet test done first. That includes HIV/AIDS/STS… Get it poppin’, pimpin’.

  9. GO NICKI,, I'm glad some one told his a$$ off,, that's so disrespectfully for him to think he "had a pass! really Kirk wow you really know how to make your wife feel special NOT! BUT DOn't FOR GET SHE WONT BE KNOCKED UP FOR EVER! & KARMA IS A *itch,, shame on you,,, & by the way your wife is beautiful,, but them 2 pieces of trash you had, oh that's just NASTY!:(

  10. HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! Kirk is a CLOWN…just like RAT FACE & BENDICKO…& the 2 RATCHETTS..need thier asses WHOOPED! @ the RATCHETTS…how ya momma feelin…rite bout now? DISGRACEFUL…DISRESPECTFUL & RASHEEDA..SHOULD DIVORCE HIS ASS…PROOF ON TAPE…SILLY RABBIT….TRIX R FO KIDZ….eat em up..dummy…sorry for your pain RASHEEDA…u can do better….pc yall.

  11. I agreeeeee 100%….. he doesnt know wat he has lost, a women that takes care of business , to be wit nasty ass chicks

  12. I still can't believe kirk pulled that on TV!! He is an azz and he took it to a different level then Stevie J! Kirk is worse then Stevie and that is bad if u out beat the biggest snake on Love & Hiphop! Enjoy your crown, snake!

  13. She was right on the money! Who do he think he is with that abortion talk and furthermore hot tubbin with randoms kissin them in the mouth come on man!

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