PICS: Mimi Faust

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    • I think Mimi have a very good head on her shoulders and she knows clearly what she is doing. At least she is smart enough to get that money from them clowns and make her on money on the side!

    • Mimi hasn’t been dating Stevie J for 15 years, shes KNOWN him for 15 years. She confirmed through all his other relationships & his previous children they WEREN’T together.

    • A person who loves unconditionally. Do you know anything about that? Can you keep a friend close for 15 years? Like Mimi said she established her own business and she make money with or without stevie who….

  1. mimi is just too fucking pretty to be even worrying bout stevie j . why would she want to be with a guy like that anyway .

  2. I know understand why some women let love rob them of their dignity. Mimi seem to be a good woman, but dumb at the same time. You are beautiful, dumb the loser…

  3. Mimi you’re the bomb, do you fool all those out their willing to watch the drama unfold. You know u got it going on girl and you want have a problem with meeting the love of your life and settling down with a real 100% man, and you know that woman.

  4. MiMi, I can understand your strong ties to family because of your actions on the screen. Even though you are not with Stevie at this time you have no hatred like most women who move on and rip the child away from the father. I think you are a true original boss lady and you know what you can do because that’s what bosses do. I know you can have Stevie if you want to but, the reality is Stevie J. is living a fantancy and just like I said you seems to be 100%. Go get your money girl I’m not mad at you! Love you MiMi keep up the good work. You are a beautiful person inside out (FFT)

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