Mimi Faust & Her Bag Of Money Fires Shots At Joseline

Mimi Faust

Mimi Faust made it very clear that while y’all are making jokes about her being a “Molly Maid” she’s getting paid!

Stevie J’s baby mama, shared a photo of herself on instagram with a bag full of money and fired a shot at Joseline with the caption, “Thanks for making that money for daddy so he can bring it to momma!”

Looks like Mimi is the one who’s winning after all.

Photo: Instagram

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11 comments on “Mimi Faust & Her Bag Of Money Fires Shots At Joseline
  1. but how does that make you feel…you still look stupid;even though he gave u a bag full of money and at what price? I mean aren't you tired of crying and what will your daughter think when she gets older and able to see what a fool her mother is about a man who does not mean her any good.. and you know it…but if that is what makes you happy…living this life what that man..so be it…peace go unto you…:)

  2. this chick is so lameee joseline doesn't have any kids boo that why you always goner appear dummer then her foool poor eva this is her role model.

  3. They are both PATHETIC what REAL WOMAN would share a man! You have to feel worthless to bow down to that joke called "STEVIE J.". Money can only by material things not happiness why would anyone be miserable for money?? STUPID,LONELY,THIRSTY LITTLE GIRLS THAT NEED TO GROW UP!!!

  4. Winning? I doubt it…Getting child support from Stevie doesn't scream winning….Pathetic is what it makes her for posting pictures to throw jabs at Joseline. She really should move on and stay focused on her goals.

  5. ive always thought mimi was winning. she has her own business and makes money off joseline dumb ass

  6. maaaan, don't listen to the haters Mimi! You making your own money and then some AND child support! You keep doing your thing! Any b**** that takes the time to try to make you look bad would switch places with you in a heartbeat! Your a business woman and a good mother, keep it up =).

  7. How can u dare to judge another woman's struggle? ALL women at one point in their lives stay loving and giving a man chances cuz they want to believe he will change and they will get the man they fell in love with back…It isn't Mimi and Joseline that are dumb bitches it STEVIE that is the asshole for CONSTANTLY playing and manipulating BOTH them girls to get what he want out of the both of them without it costing him him a damn thing! He is the pathetic one!! U go Mimi!! Get all u can from that asshole! He done put u THRU IT for years!! Take all u can! and Joseline know that he strings u both along so honestly since you and he have a child together she shouldn't b constantly trying to keep him as her man…i wouldn't do that…got nothing but love and respect for Mimi tho! Just hope she never lets her heart fall for stevie again tho…but #TakeThatMoneyGirl!!!

  8. The only difference between Mimi and MOST other females is that Mimi's bull is televised! Women stay with men who cheat on them on a regular, daily! I'm not condoning it but everyone acts like she is so odd, but, as I c it, she is regular! A big difference though is that she is getting paid through the other chick when "regular chicks" just end up a step-child!

  9. she gets 30percent of that business anyways so legally that is her cut, fuck all that give me my cut

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