Is This Stevie J. & Joseline’s Engagement Photo?

Stevie J-Joseline-Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Last night, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Stevie J. and Joseline headed to Mississippi to party at Club Freelons.

The highly controversial couple, who are now rumored to be engaged, continually fan the flames by posting photos like the one you see above with Joseline’s “engagement ring” in full view.

Don’t you think this would be the perfect engagement photo for Stevie J. and Joseline?


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16 comments on “Is This Stevie J. & Joseline’s Engagement Photo?
  1. They say the show isn't scripted….if not then they the perfect idiots for each other, Stevie J and Joseline are classless, MiMi can do way better….seems to me Stevie J don't want a good woman he want to play them all….

  2. Ahh yea itz bout ta go down! StevieJ n Joseline who gots tha jones 4 her new bi connest bouta get married ta da game 4 real. that weddin cake chips n dip iz goina be real good. But S-J got 2 much love 4 MiMI 2 just elope wit Josline. S-J got love 4 Josline but MiMi shot him wit somethin from cupid dat he’ll neva 4 get though! He’ll work somethin out. Stevie J a loose cannon my boy made a bunny tape :) Eve was lookin sexy (pit-pat)

  3. if mimi don't care and have low self esteem why should I care. I love stevie j and joseline together, a man going to be where he wants to be, and that is with joseline. she got spunk, and don't whine and act weeak like mimi.

  4. I dont think they are engaged but i think they are dating now. . .Hmmm So that means MiMi is free :) lmao

    Joseline you can have that guy though after he get bored with you, might do you the same way.

  5. tht may be true but he isn't being honest with either one of them…a real man would just keep it real…js

  6. Why are there so many spelling errors ?????? Wow its very embarrassing. These two females are on a public forum of course they both know about each other. Money is their objective no honour. Although I think between the two Joseline cares more for him, but as she gets older he'll leave her too. Unless he addresses his abandonment issues with his Mom. Hopefully thr show will speak on the importance of VOTING this election!!!!!!!!!!

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