Is Rasheeda Divorcing Her Husband/Manager Kirk Frost?

Rasheeda - Kirk Frost- Divorce

We’ve suspected trouble in paradise for a minute and now reports are surfacing that “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star and rapper Rasheeda is planning to divorce her husband/manager Kirk Frost.

Rasheeda, who is currently pregnant and Kirk were visibly distant from one another during the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” press reception in Atlanta a week ago. They arrived separately to the event and barely spoke to one another outside of photo ops the entire night according to an insider.

Last season on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” we watched and Kirk and Rasheeda renewed their wedding vows, but their 12 year relationship may be in jeopardy now that Rasheeda suspects Kirk Frost of having an affair with a “socialite” by the name of Alexis Miller. Alexis has been romantically linked to former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal in the past.

Alexis Miller - Kirk Frost

Alexis Miller

Various rumors about Kirk Frost have been circulating around Atlanta for years. Things like he’s on the down low, he fathered the young baby K. Michelle questioned him about when they were going at it online, and rumors of infidelity.

There were also signs things in their marriage weren’t on the up and up when a “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” clip showed Kirk Frost asking Rasheeda for a blood test after she told him she was pregnant. Watch below.

Hopefully, all of this is a rumor that Rasheeda and/or Kirk Frost will squash shortly. But, according to Rolling Out magazine, who has featured the couple on their magazine in a past issue, Rasheeda has ordered Kirk Frost to pack his belongings and get out of her house.

Kirk Frost doesn’t appear to be worried about what’s going on in his marriage. He may be open to the idea of being a single man again. He posted this photo of himself and Benzino getting ready to ride their Harleys together. Clearly, he ain’t got no worries.

Benzino - Kirk Frost - Harleys

At this time Rasheeda nor Kirk Frost has confirmed or denied the reports. Until they do, please consider this information to be a rumor. ♥


9 comments on “Is Rasheeda Divorcing Her Husband/Manager Kirk Frost?
  1. It doesn't matter how she talked to him .Know body knows what was going on with them behind the scenes..He might of needed to be treated like that….He was just making it off of her any way ……

  2. That's sad how he questioned the parternity when she told him that and he claimed because "she's a female rapper". That's a real poor, poor excuse. SMH IDK what's going on with them and it's just the t.v. chopping up and editing stuff to get more raitings.

  3. I pray everything works in their favor, cause it's sad to see a marriage end. I liked them as a couple as well.

  4. I hope she do get a divorce Kirk is a dirty no good n****a and she deserves much better once a dog always a dog

  5. I agree with you Tashawn Williams. I mean I don't agree with what kirk is doing but she is not innocent in this either. In the beginning resheeda was dogging kirk out and going behind his back seeking help outside her marriage, disrespecting him and treating him like a child and not like a husband. Everyone wants to feel sorry for her now. When she had a good husband she wasn't very appreciative of him so it goes both ways. I do believe kirk is wrong but she is not no angel or the victim.

  6. Its a sad situation how can u think it’s cool to make it public u r a whore and basically do whatever for money.. Kirk need to be strapped to a bed and cobra venom shot thru his veins how dare he lower his self and treat his family his wife like shit how he sleeps at night…rasheeda should drop him and don’t look back.. DISGUSTING!!!! Shame on that asshole!

  7. SHE'S FUCKING PREGNANT AND HE HAD A THREESOME WITH 2 BITCHES, NO CONDOM, AND WHILE HIS WIFE WAS AT HOME! Are you serious? she was rude to him? She should have kicked his ass! No woman could go through that and be polite, so get real.

  8. She not a victim? ok, so it's ok what he did? You sound like a hater! He had no right to do her like that, and that bullshit about her looking for outside management was last year, and she turned it down to save her marriage and this is how he repays her? She is no angel, but she is a victim, cause this bitch (Mary Jane) is supposedly pregnant now and where do you think that child support will come from for that bitch's child? Rasheeda and Kirk's money! so she's still not a victim right? Just hope this situation never happens to your hating ass!

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