Is Karlie Redd’s Daughter A College Student & Who’s Her Baby Daddy?

Karlie Redd age

Since “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” began the biggest mystery has been Karlie Redd‘s age.

Karlie Redd has done an exceptional job of hiding her age and covering any tracks that may lead to her date of birth. The Jamaican/Trini aspiring artist has alluded to being 28ish, but many people aren’t buying what she’s selling.

Last night, on part one of the explosive “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion show, Karlie Redd finally admitted to having a daughter. She says she remained hush hush about being a mother in order to protect her daughter from being associated with the show or being teased at school. Turns out that school isn’t an elementary school or high school…it’s a college.

Eric Norwood of the Carolina Panther’s offered his two cents on the situation by tweeting Karlie Redd’s daughter attends Clark Atlanta University.

Karlie Redd Daughter-Eric Norwood

Whether or not this information is accurate has yet to be determined. But, another interesting piece of information that was spilled into the internet streets is Katt Williams is the father of Karlie Redd’s daughter.

Karlie Redd -Katt Williams

Katt Williams used to be manage Karlie (born Karlie Lewis) and actually gave her the moniker “Karlie Redd.” As far as fathering her child…doubt it. Katt Williams has one biological son, Micah and seven adopted children. So, unless he adopted Karlie Redd’s daughter…this rumor is false.

How ironic is it that with all of this information we still don’t know how old Karlie Redd is!?

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