Is Karlie Redd Signed To Cash Money?

Karlie Redd - Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

On episode 5 of “Love & Hip Hop AtlantaStevie J. referred to Karlie Redd as a Cash Money artist when he attempted to get Joseline to do a song with her. However, things got a little cloudy when Mack Maine of the Cash Money/Young Money family denied Karlie Redd was “fam.”

Is Karlie Redd Signed To Cash Money?

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My phone’s blowing up about a chick reality show saying she signed to the fam…….#liestoldonTVMack Maine
Tell the truth shame the devilMack Maine


After the break, listen to Karlie Redd’s exclusive interview on Ice Cream Conversations and see what she said when Xaviera asked her directly if she was signed to Cash Money. Karlie Redd gave quite an interesting response.

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20 comments on “Is Karlie Redd Signed To Cash Money?
  1. Nope she cant even sing what i heard wasent real music some folks really hear them selfs as being a great singer lol you just have to break it down to them and just let them know honey you cant sing.

  2. Did anybody else notice in episode 5 when Stevie, Karlie, & Joseline were sitting at the table, Karlie’s hair was pulled back on the right side, the next scene her hair was switched to the left, then back to the right?? what is that about???

  3. For all you fools saying yes when mack maine tweeted about karlie she tweeted saying she never said she was with cash money

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