Good Girl Gone Bad: Mimi Faust’s Mug Shot

Mimi Faust mug shot

Mimi Faust has had her fair share of heartache and disappointment on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” but don’t let the smooth taste fool ya.

Stevie J.’s humble baby momma can and will get it poppin when she deems it necessary and she has a mugshot to prove it.

Mimi Faust Mugshot

Mimi apparently got it popping back in February of 2009 and was arrested for Battery. Judging by the bandage plastered across her forehead it appears she may have bit off more than she could chew.


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  1. i fucks with mimi she fly she needs a muscle man a strong man not no hoe my fault Stevie but you all over the place they need to put me on there looking fly in shit look at my pics i could be k Mitchell gay friend on the show okay boo boo they wouldn’t be able to take me how you dionn

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