Mimi Faust

Mimi Faust

Mimi Faust is an entrepreneur with her own cleaning company and the mother of Stevie J’s daughter, Eva Giselle.

On season one of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” we watched as Mimi’s relationship with Stevie J fell apart due to his infidelity and very up close and personal working relationship with Joseline Hernandez (who ended up pregnant by Stevie).


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  1. mimi if stevie can't see the good in you leave him but if.
    some how you know your man got love for you don't give up on him joseline is a trick she want what you have.

      • What man? He is not her man. There is no relationship. He has been with Eve, Whoppi Goldberg’s daughter and he has an ex wife. Mimi is just the 15 year jump off. He is a disgusting pig who doesn’t respect himself or the women he deals with. I really want to beat the shit out of Mimi. She is the mother of a daughter who has to call this weak bitch a mother for the rest of her life.

        • Stevie is not your man Mimi. He is not a man at all. He is just a pair of pants: Breath and Britches!!!! Run like hell and get away from this broken little boy. It would be nice to see what his relationship is like with his mother.

          • continue playing door mat and he’ll continue to walk all over you…. i dont understand some black women these days where is your pride” we didnt come a long way from whips and chains to be putting up with ANYbodys nonsense we are born goddesses no servents.

    • What do you mean ” don’t give up on your man???? Thats why men makes fools out of us women who enable them to do what ever the hell they want too. A women/man should always put themselves first and have high self esteem!!

    • What bad advice you gave MImi. Keep trying to work it out with a man who cheats on you constantly. Joseline is not the first chick. There were women before Joseline and there are going to be women after her. What part don’t u understand? U can’t make nobody want you boo.

  2. It’s more than cheating at this point, it’s DISRESPECT. I’d leave. Id get that house 1st (deed with my name on) for my child. THEN. I’d leave.

    • hell yeah especially since he got that hoe prego n u kno she see dollar signs so she is most def gonna keep the fucken baby..money grubbin bitch…so that means hes messy and doesnt use protection!!! Shiiii she better go to the OBGYN..

  3. I can Understand how you may feel.. But Baby he showed no respect for you. he mad you look like a weak and desperate women. Find that strength and let him go, your child hurts when you hurt and its not worth the it. Pray to GOD for Strength and Leave.

  4. omg I cant believe women still fall for that shit… Mimi come on, it's 2012! he got in the car w/ Jocelyn and said" oh I was looking for you" lol… are we in the 11th grade? Is this how the chicks in Atlanta get down? no bueno!

  5. Mimi girl you dont need him becasue youre so prettty and a good women so you’ll find someone who will treat you right. Listen to your girlfriend becasue she has your back. I wish I was there to put Joseline in her place for you girl. Stevie Jay dont desrve you at all. He dont know what he got till its gone. Remember that!

  6. Ok listen honey I know you love your man and want to make it work afther you put so much into it like your time, heart , soul, blood, and sweat but honey if the tears you have shed out weigh the good and cant get him to be a grown man and either let you go or make it official…..Throw that prada bag over your should grab as many Minolo’s you can carry and hit the streets running dont look back you will be a better woman for it and might just make him grow up…..some people have to lose to gain

  7. Mimi as many women feel you should of act out of it and beat Joseline ass and punch Stevie you walked away cuz always know this God don’t like ugly and they will pay by the father hand! Be strong ma God has a plan for you but to make that happen leave the bad behind cuz no love is stronger then his

  8. MiMi, u are a beautiful young woman. I know it is hard to leave a person ater being with them for a longtime, however you have to demand respect from him becuse if u don't he will continue to use you and take u for grnted.. keep Your Head Up, Lady!

  9. Mimi, he is so disrespectful on every level and really he got into the car with the not really looking like a woman but more than a man… left u standing there and has the nerves to say He is not sleeping with that trash but take a look in the mirror and love u enough to say to HELL with this shyt b/c he is never worth it and my goodness, we are not the weak anymore b/c we stand on our own and that care of ourselves without this kind of B/S so u need to handle your business and clean his clock and leave him with his joke of talent….MOVE AROUND with that SHYT.

  10. Your the best. What dont hurt you only makes you stronger! But you cant allow someone to just out right disrespect you. The best thing about it you know him and you know when hes lying and whats done in the dark only comes to the light


  12. Ms.Mimi, if your heart can stand it, take it. Stay and get as finacialy stable as you can (off of him). However, if the pain of what this unworthy “so-called man” is doing is interfering with the love, peace, and joy of you and your child, then it becomes not worth it. You’re and intelligent woman. You’ll never be broke. It’ll hurt for a while, but the peace of mind that follows will be well worth it. Don’t trip on the other “so-called woman” either. It’s sad but, she is clearly a prostitute and the WHOLE WORLD knows it. YOU ARE THE BETTER WOMAN!

    • WRONG! There is no “better” woman. No matter what Joseline is, Stevey is still screwing her. It’s time for Mimi to move on. Don’t nobody want Stevey’s broke ass. He doesn’t even own a car! That is Benzino’s BMW…Stevey is BROKE!

  13. LOLOL. I can’t believe you actually let that man make a damn fool of you for 15 years! He actually got somebody that he just met pregnant, which means he is out there having unprotected sex. He doesn’t care about you or your daughter. With behavior like that, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is gay as well. Please wake up. You are a very pretty woman and deserve better, but until you believe it, he will continue to make a damned fool of you for the whole world to see. How old are you? 15 years and no ring? How low class. It’s easy to see what kind of upbringing you had. You are trash.

    • Whoaaaaaaaaaa,not every one can be perfect as you….not. Does Mimi need to move on??? Yes, but she is in no way trash!!! Mimi will leave Stevie when she is good and ready and no one can tell her to leave until she is good and ready. If anyone is trash its stevie and joselin!!!

  14. Well it seems everyone has an oppion but no one want to say how stupid they have been in their lives.Be strong for u and ur child fck what ppl say. We r all entitiled to be stupid once.Just remember a person can only do what u allow.

    • Everyone has done something stupid before but when does the shiii stop? Shes too old to be so stupid. I can see if she was a young girl then she’d have a excuse, but in your 40’s there is no excuse, just plain o stupid, pathetic like a lost puppy.

  15. Mimi, you appear to be fairly intelligent, but very dependent to remain in such a degrading relationship. While you may love him & want to fight to keep that sad cat & mouse relaitonship (& all that comes with it) you completely lack self-respect. You’ve failed to realize that he is treating you just as you deserve, because you continue to tolerate his disgusting behavior. Men do not respect that but would rather appear to have someone they can dog than not. He isn’t your husband so you don’t owe him anything, BUT should be very concerned about the example you are publicly setting for your daughter. Unfortuatenately once a man realizes that you’ll tolerate anything & fall for everything to live a certain life-style you’ll never regain the statue in his heart you’d like until he falls & no one else wants him.

  16. Is this how black love is and the men on this show look like the typical hoody black man unloving, ungodly, and demeaning to women along with being emotionally abusive to the "Queen" and Mother of their children. This is so bad for black families and the treatment of a black woman. If as a boy a man treated your Mother that way you would want to kill him and if you grew watching men treat your Mother this way and thought it was cool well therapy must be the next step in life. Think about your daughters and how she is watching and listening to your actions and treatment of their Mother. Break and stop the cycle this is not cute for the future of your kids and fans are watching and it is sad. Not here to judge your life but, let's show some type of respect for the black ladies. Wow! How sad:( pull a 702 and get it together producers and cast members. Michelle-Austin, TX


  18. When you love someone you r blind to the their flaws, she loved him & only she could decided when to take the blinders off. He wasn't keepin it real w/ her like that bust down, it wasn't really in her face till the show

  19. Mimi I understand that you love this man and have a child by him. You are not weak you are a beatiful confident black woman. Number1# make him pay for you and your daughter. Take the house and whatever he wants to give you and then when he least expect it dump him. Stevie is too immature and selfish to understand love. Real love isn't about telling lies and cheating. I lost repect for him when he decided to cheat but wasn't even smart enough to wrap it up! Come on man he could have jeopardize your health and relationship with daughter. I know several women that are HIV positive because there soo called man did not wrap up. He's got to go! Keep the contract – manage his artist- business is business, next time he buys you a house-take it, sell it – give it to your mama or will it to your daughter- work on building your nest egg or dynasty. Men get really upset when you mess with there money. Find someone who loves you for who you are a beatiful, intelligent, sophiscated young lady- LOve with come! I love the show!

  20. To be so beautiful…you are sooo dumb….*gets on phone and calls VH1* "……Um yes can we get some Black women on air with some damn common sense and a BACKBONE?" < FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: DRKIEMARIE>.

  21. MiMi is just as much as a jump off as Joseline is! Who has to find out where their "MAN" lay his head down at night?? MiMi does…. Sad I say.How can u love someone and u don't love yourself? Each episode he's doggin u and each episode is with joseline more and more… Can we say community d#ck! Ijs

  22. Mimi , honey your waaaaay to pretty && smart to go thru the things you go thru with Stevie . I understand you guys have so much history but when it`s time to let go , let go you can find someone that`ll treat you much better than him && for him to it on national tv how much love and respect does he honestly have for you .

  23. Mimi, one word, AIDS! Stevie J is nasty as HELL Boo! You can do better than him with a homeless and blind, cripple, and crazy man! EEWWWWWW! I pray your self-esteem isn't that low for real! It shouldn't be! God Bless you Ma!

  24. Mimi:

    I’m so tired of females like U. First, in a previous episode, Stevie admitted to having 5 “baby mamas”. That in itself is sad. This guy goes around fathering children and then walking away from them. Yes, he may be forced by some judge to pay “support”, but with that many children in different places, he can’t be a FATHER to any of them. None of these women was special enough for him to make a committment to?
    I would NEVER involve myself with any guy who fathers children and then turns his back on them.
    Mimi is a FOOL! She is getting just what she deserves. He is treating her the same way he treated all the others. Why does she complain about
    his treatment of her if she just stays and accepts it. If she doesn’t like the treatment she has the option to move on. Anything he does to her she gets mad for a while and then she allows him to
    apologize for it. His behavior with Joseline, she can’t get mad at her. She said Joseline “got pregnant by her man”. Well, where was her man when Joseline was getting pregnant. She is PATHETIC. Grow some balls Mimi. Stop allowing herself to be so DISRESPECTED!! U R in charge of your own destiney. Be an example for your daughter. When you lay with garbage, yopu stink!!!!!

  25. She dumb as hell. She need to stop chasing Stevie J and just take care of her kid. He apparently doesn't want her if he keeps cheating. He don't even make it a secret. She needs 2 shut up and deal with it or keep it moving. Its that simple.


  27. That’s right that hoe was the women I don’t like them stevie j and that hoe Mimi get that money from that bitch Stevie j for your baby girl

  28. Mimi what kind of example are you setting for your daughter? Let a man dog you out, disrespect you and make you look like a fool on national television. what a pathetic, desperate woman you are. All this to make a man want you and he still don't want you. Its all in his actions, his words are meaningless like him.

  29. I do not agree with Stevie J, or Joseline’s behavior. MiMi my heart goes out to you because I can only imagine what you are going through. I feel like it is so easy for people to make comments and say how you are stupid, dumb etc. If anyone had sense they would encourage you and not ridicule you for being in love with the father of your child. By no means should you be blamed for his behavior, but I do feel as if you deserve to be happy for yourself and your child. When you have women like Joseling around it is difficult to maintain any relationship. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you find peace and happiness in your life. No need to tell you that you can do better because you are a beautiful woman and I am sure that you know that. In time, you will make the best decision for yourself and your child as well.

  30. I surely do hope Mimi read all these comments for the sake of her and her daughter. Just sit back and watch all the episodes that have aired so that you can get a clear picture of the role you’re playing in front of the whole world to see including your daughter. You have got to want better for yourself and your child. Stevie is going to be Stevie. To him it’s a game and he loves the game of juggling women. Stop throwing out there 15years because it’s pathetic! If you have put up with this shit for that long. If you truly thinks this man cares about you….you would have a ring by now and if he was going to cheat he would at least try to be discreet. He cheats in your face and then laughs about it behind your back. Because he knows that you don’t value yourself enough to leave his Pathetic Ass. Eventually he’ll get tired of your weak ass ways because it will no longer be a challenge for him anymore and he’ll run off with a women like joseline who sucks and fucks anyway he want it and that’s who will get the ring. I feel so sad for you because you are beautiful and you just might miss Gods best for you because you lack the courage to walk away from a man that has no respect for you or his child. This last episode with you agreeing to go to counseling with Joseline was just pathetic to say the least. You sitting there looking a damn fool while this two fight on the couch because they probably just f..k the night before. He walks out and you’re left there picking your face off the floor once again and the really sad thing about it is you knew what was going to happen and yet you agreed once again to be a damn fool on national tv. Mimi please wake up and use this platform that GOd has given you to show black young girls including your daughter that hey can do better if they want better.

  31. MIMI you come across as a weak woman. but most woman have been through this same stuff. I know at the end of the day you just want him to be the right guy. BUT he's not as the world is seeing. Your child is watching you. do you want her to put up with men like her father? HOLD YOUR HEAD UP BOO. I CAN SEE THAT YOU HOLD THINGS DOWN ON YOUR OWN.. move on and your happyness will come.

  32. Tae'Cheka Sebille — the "signs are right there in her lap??" — Honey the signs are beating her in the FACE EVERY DAY!!! i dont even LISTEN to mimi anymore

  33. Mimi I don’t care what nobody say u r a real LADY AND I ADMIRE U! U NEED 2 LET THAT MUTHA FUCKA AND LET GOD PROVIDE 4 U. The good news is u got his baby so u got his $$ and when u move on 4real thats when he’s gonna change, but he’s wasn’t sent from God just lust BOOM!

  34. Mimi if you want to stay in something like that you need to make sure that Boy REPECT for you out there in the street make him tell them H. PLAY YOUR PART AN REPECT YOU!

  35. A woman can’t take a man, he leaves on his own…Mimi is just a dumb, stupid desperate ass female…15 years of being treated like shit and cheated on…She shoulda been walked away but the bish is sooooo hard up behind good meat, she excepted it…I know we all do dumb shit at one point and time in our lives but Mimi is too old and past that point…I learned at 20 yrs old..And has never been played my a man ever since and i’m in my 30’s now…Just like Mimi…She needs to get it together…

  36. i love mimi reguardless she knew that true love tries b4 just letting go.. all yu bytchz tlkn shyt shut the fuck up cuz yu prolly be a stevie j groupie 2…. and stevie yu really ugly as fuk MMI GIL YU CAN DO BETTER THEN HIM AND NIKKO EEEEXXXXTTTTRRRRAA UUUGGLLYY ASS

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