Erica Dixon

Erica Dixon

Erica Dixon is Lil Scrappy’s fiancee and a freelance model. She’s also the mother of Scrappy’s daughter, Emani.

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  1. Erica if you are going to give Lil Scrappy an another chance you need to do just that. You both have to try hard if you really want it. You told your mom that you love you some scrappy then you need to show it. I know you said you show him all the affection he need before and you see what happen (Diamond) but you have to realize that less affection will push him away faster. Just remember to keep God in your relationship and really try for it. Girl you got a handsome man and you have to try hard to hold on, but he has to try also.
    God Bless

  2. Why is it so hard for these beautiful women to find men who will MARRY them and not just produce babies out of wedlock? It”s truly disgusting. I really hate what we have become….

  3. Erica, you tell my life story.. Except my baby daddys mistress was not only his ex, a cheap thrill, but his baby momma too… And I call myself takin him back, I know, a womens affection comes from our want, our love for whats ours, & if another woman has had him & he was once only in your arms, its like gettin an hand me down, but worse, a hand me back?? Lol.. Fuck that tho. He mine, I feel like I raised that, made that fool…

  4. I just got to say was that the girl from flavor of love buffey, becky idk..but the one who was wid scrappy by the pool.

  5. all I got to say is that Erica ain't got no ring coming unless, its a one on her Scrappy done with her, she ain't enought for him, he young and he want a hoe and shay is that for him. take your baby and milk his ass, send him and his mama back to the projects. he ain't all that, lil jon seen that and that's why he lost that othe chick to soulja boy. duh.. he only checkin steve j cuz his shit was starting to come out about him and the striper jos, I mean really. she ain't got no ring coming and he want to fuck all the hoes and him and steve j should get together and run a train on both of them, yea heard me…………..

  6. Erica's mother is right about Scrappy. She need's to make the call and move on. Clearly, he's not into her. Move on and be happy. And, just ensure he pays child-support and spend time with his daughter.

  7. ikr…..a shame on her end cause she already knew what the situation was if their really b.f…..?????????????

  8. Erica deserves Wayy Better And Scrappy Shouldn't be talking about his relationship with bucky or his momma cause that's not their business whateva is on his mind he shouldve spoke to erica. That's Why bucky is doing what she is doing…


  10. Men think they can cheat on women, beg to come back and eveything will be peachy. That is not the case. That woman will not be the same.

  11. E, move on Scrappy, ain't puttin no ring on it Boo! He is a Titty Baby 4 Sho and smashing that chipmunk with a lion's mane Shay, boots, or whatever her animal kingdom name is! Shay is an ugly hot ghetto mess Boo and you ain't that desperate for Love to have to compete with that Love! Pray for Better and it isn't that hard either to come up from Scrappy!

  12. I love every thing about Erica I love the way she carry her self so classy. Scrappy is a fool if he dont see what he got.. Team Erica all the way

  13. Erica you are a beautiful women who deserves better u need to focuse on u and your child and ask God to send you someone who will love you the way you deserve to be loved and let scrappy have the 4th chimpmunk what do chimpmunks like nuts and she clearly looks like the type to get a mouth full if you know what I mean!

  14. I know its hard for her to move on. But she has shown that she is a strong woman doing things on her own. But I have to say this erica HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. your just a cruch for him to keep falling back on and as long as you keep letting him use you. HE WILL. I have delt with men like him. SO move on girl your worth more than you think.

  15. Erica keep ya head up high. You can do way better than Scrappy, your pretty, sexy , smart and your a good mother. Just make sure you make Scrappy pay like he weigh, even though his money is lightweight. Don't drop child support, send him and his ghetto mom packing and find you somebody who will treat u and your daughter good. U deserve it.

  16. I agree Shay is a hot ghetto mess just like Mama D. Erica needs to keep it moving and send Scrappy's ass to the poor house.

  17. I heard Erica did leave him but is now involved with a married man & is pregnant by him! Don't know how true that is but, if it is Erica is hurt and moving in the wrong direction. Poor baby ( Scrappy dusty ass and his hood ass ancient want to b a playa ass mama need to go sit it down! Oh & rat mouth Shay crying? Y? U should know the same way you get a man is the same way you lose him.

  18. Nita, u already know …BUT Scrappy punk ass aint shit, gonna go get a dam lawyer for his dam childsupport and he took the couch, wtf the baby goona sit on Nita?! I can't get over that hoe move, dam Scrappy! smdh :( that's a mean face Nita lol!!!!

  19. Aye Nita, what Scrap mama D say?, how do playas play? All day every day…lmao! Well somebody need to get her ass the Webster Playa dictionary because no where in it is her or her sons gotdam name! What playa play his baby out of a dam couch?!!!

  20. Erica girl you know an your heart that he love you and that he just not ready an want to hold you back. all ways have your love for him in your heart an move the f. on find you a good MAN.

  21. Erica is the realest to me always have been…she wants the American dream a true FAMILY…..she and scrappy can have that if he put his momma in her place withal her bs.

  22. Erica do you people are going to always have something to say! It’s your life your Relationship and nobody else’s Just take care of you and your little queen meaning your Daughter nothing else matter Cause the out siders are only looking in So what they may see or hear it don’t hold no value stay Erica…

  23. I like Erica! The side of her that she shows on the show is cool…Everbody thinks she needs to leave Scrappy because of what he does….I think so too…Even though we don’t know Erica’s other side…

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