Cast Members

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Erica Dixon



K. Michelle

Karlie Redd

Mimi Faust

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  1. i don’t know what her problem is in my mind i want to believe this is just made up shit to keep us watching but this shit is crazy…bitch sound like she special ed and those wigs are a hot mess it stevie gave you that like look like you got something out of the deal… just sayng your a women act like it cause its you looking a donkey

  2. I think its real most of it anyays.. imagine your life if it was taped theres always drama ex temptation,, if they recorded my life or my relationship it wouldnt be to much off….. steve is a good talker it is very easy to fall in and get caught up he got it going on he plays rough and raw its his hole persona!!! he aint never going to change he wants his cake and eat it too. Iam glad meme is being a strong women and holding her head up high you can only deal for so long then u just cant get take much more… you just get caught up in the morning but now shes smarter to pull her self out the game the other one dont care yet but in a few years she will be the same way used abused down dogged.. men can drive you insane love can do something to you so if you cant stand the heat get out the kitchen… I hope meme find herself a real good man make up from all the hurt…. He will never change ever

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