Benzino’s Workout Plan

Benzino Work Out Plan

One thing “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” has taught us about Benzino is he moves fast when he’s serious and dedicated to something.

We all saw how quickly his relationship moved with Karlie Redd. That tropical poom poom had him ready to put a ring on it.

Benzino is also dedicated to working out. He loves the gym, working out, and showing off the results.

Check out how Benzino whipped his body into shape within 3 months. That’s a lot of hard work and determination. No wonder he’s always taking pics with his shirt off.

For all of you ladies who love Benzino, see more photos below!

Congrats Benzino! Lookin good!

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  1. Benzino is the sexiest man on that show and has everything and more to offer good wholesome women so for all you haters keep haten because he doin his thing Ill marry you any day of the week and Honey age anit nothin but a number

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