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  1. Moma D is the ish, Mimi seem to not want to let go, Stevie J is a Dog to the end, Joseline just doing Joseline, Eric trying to make her Family work, Lil Scappy want his cake and want to eat it to, And Karlie Redd is one noisy, ish starting heffer, and K. Michelle just want a deal.

  2. Mama Dee is too Clingy Stevie J wants his cake and to it eat too Scrappy a kid with the body of a grown man Erica tryna keep her fam together Mimi need to stop being so naive and leave Joseline need to realize Stevie only using u for pussy K.Michelle continue to stay real Rasheeda work on your MARRIAGE then MUSIC Karlie stop being a shit starter and go be with Benzino.

  3. I love Erica, she doesn’t worry about the opinions of others and she still holds the guy down that she loves. She knows her position and she doesn’t let anything nor anyone intimidate her. She is a sure example of a strong woman, go-getter! Reminds me a lot of my own situation, when he is down to nothing I have his back and when he is up, he all over the place, but he knows what home feels like. She needs a homie, love of a friend, doesn’t mean she is sleeping with the guy, geesh!

  4. Mama D is teaching her son Scrappy to be disrespectful towards women. What kind of woman is that? Oh, I forgot a EX PIMP. Mama D needs to stay off the stripper pole and teach her son how to treat his daughters mother and how to treat a lady. Now I know why he treats Erica the way he does.

  5. I think that Mama Dee needs to cut the umbiblical cord and let her son grow up & stop givin him f….. up advice. It is time for him to MAN UP. Erica needs to leave him alone cuz he is full of s…, now he’s giving Shay the same line that he complained about Erica giving him.
    I have a lot of sympathy for Mimi cuz she put in soo much time with crazy a.. Stevie J. She needs lots of counseling in order to get over her abandonment issues & maybe then she can move on.

  6. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta platform pt 1 ~ They displayed a great deal of I G N O R A N C E. I was especially disappointed with how the women interacted with each other. We all encounter disputes but “Let’s learn to communicate with respect & class.”

  7. i love this show erica and scrappy belong together. i understand that mama d or whatever has her opions about everything but in the end only scrappy can decide. um that chic who was going wit benzeno needs to get a life. rashada and k.michelle need to nsquash things because rashada doesnt know how it feels to be beat i do. abusive man dont to it to all women just the weak hearted but that shit makes us stronger defen sive that not shit thats made up . for meme an jos stevie j looks like a rat . get it together ya both are beautiful that shit is so wack like for real man cant owne wom en it ant salvery any more it america its called freedom.

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